Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baseball Basement

Sometimes when I cannot sleep I find myself "window shopping" on the web imagining the purchases I would make if I were decorating the house I have yet to own. What am I mentally designing tonight you ask?

My baseball basement! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a baseball fan and MY team is the Philadelphia Phillies. I will have a baseball themed basement someday. A place where I can display my team spirit while cheering on my World Series Champs.

Having just spent about an hour looking on the web for ideas I realized that it will not be as simple as "Googling" the Phillies with my credit card in hand. I don't want a giant red leather recliner. Anyone can purchase everything they find with their team logo on it but it will be expensive and unoriginal. I will take a classy approach to my baseball basement. Of course I will have items with my team logo but there are also just as effective yet cheaper ways to work your theme. I will have some sort of small corner beverage area. Probably built by hand and stained a nice dark tone. I will have pilsner glasses adorned with the red "P". I have no desire to try to duplicate the "ballpark feel" by trying to make my basement look like the ballpark. That is a feeling that is reserved and savored for game day. My basement will never hold 45,000 people so why try to pretend? I WILL NOT have green carpet or a giant mural of the outfield bleachers. I will not glue tiny baseballs and bats to my walls.
I say all of the time that I try to look ahead. I know what I like. My style will always evolve but I know a good piece when I see it. So until I have my baseball basement, I will just continue to collect items knowing they will eventually have a home.
It will be a place where I can drink a beer, cheer on my World Series team surrounded by memorabilia, ticket stubs, pennants, newspaper articles plastered with grand slam moments, and jerseys commemorating players that have come and gone. A place where I will hang pictures of games I have been to with my friends and family over the years.

Ah... my baseball basement. I can curse my team in the 4th and praise them in the 9th. How sweet it will be.