An experiment in ripping off the band aid.
I will be honest, the idea of “blogging” wasn’t very appealing to me at first. Although I understood the professional benefits, I found the trend to be somewhat narcissistic, and well to be honest...terrifying. I didn’t want to create an online journal dedicated to ramblings about my life. The idea of putting it all out there on a blog was too revealing and intimidating for me. But I knew that if I wanted to be genuine and reach people, I was going to have to just jump right in. And this year I vowed to start taking some very much needed leaps into the life I imagine for myself.

What to expect from my blog...
There are so many blogs out there that that are delightful to read, but I know there is a layer of chaos beneath what we see that the artist/designer/writer had to work through to bring themselves to a comfortable viewing place. I want to see the mistakes and frustration of the failed projects and the triumphant satisfaction felt when you’ve successfully created something beautiful. The creative process is simply not always pretty. I want to know that I am not the only one dealing with a brain that is constantly turning itself over trying to make something beautiful and then make it even better.

I decided if I am going to create a blog and stick with it, then I going to have to be myself…my sometimes sarcastic, smart-ass, frequently frustrated, creatively dizzy self. I feel more comfortable with the idea of writing a blog without following all of the “rules”. I have to do what feels right to me. 

So with that being said, there are a few things you should know about me and the tone of this blog…
My intentions are to talk about the projects I am working on, but I guarantee I will go off on a completely unrelated rant from time to time.  As much as I will try to steer away from the “dear diary” approach to blogging… it will inevitably happen. My life inspires my creativity, and my creativity inspires my life. 
My ability to be led by the right side of my brain is something I have always identified with and felt connected to.

I frequently become so immersed in a project that I may not surface or be heard from for days. Although I am grateful for all of the inspiration and creativity I am constantly discovering within myself and my surroundings, other people/things in my life often suffer. Nothing fulfills, disappoints, motivates, inspires, and tortures me as much as my ability and incessant need to keep creating.

I have never kept a diary in the traditional sense but I have always slept with a notebook and pen next to my bed to scribble down design or project ideas in the middle of the night. I guess in a way I have been “blogging” for years now.  So even if nobody reads this thing…I am organizing my thoughts for myself. But I do hope you all enjoy your visit and come back to see what else I am getting myself into.

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