Friday, September 17, 2010

The ad I created for the booklet.
Last week I was asked to create and donate a piece of jewelry to be used as a door prize in the Pheasant Valley Farm's Annual Women's Pheasant Hunt. I was also asked to make an ad for a booklet that will be handed out to the ladies on the day of the hunt. My business cards will also be placed in grab bags that will be handed out to all 20 women involved in the hunt.
Initially I was creating the ad generally in the same layout as my business card. Only with a bit more information and a picture. When I went to drop in the photo, I forgot to downsize it and this is pretty much where it landed. I liked it immediately and decided that it went well with the outdoor themed event. So I made a few adjustments to the text and layout and there you have it. I was pleasantly surprised with this happy little accident.
  • Pheasant Valley Farm is committed to maintaining Pennsylvania’s outdoor heritage, wildlife conservation, and hunting traditions. They believe in order to maintain this valued way of life, today’s women must be allowed the opportunity to gain hunting experience and learn about Pennsylvania’s rich hunting heritage. In conjunction with the PA Game Commission and other conservation oriented groups Pheasant Valley Farm is to offering twenty women the opportunity to participate in a non-profit women’s hunt on Friday, September 24, 2010 at their preserve in Robesonia, PA
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