Monday, October 17, 2011

Old printer tray = Jewelry organizer!

Several months ago I came across an Etsy shop that was selling old printer trays re-purposed as jewelry organizers and displays. I thought this idea was genius! I needed a new way to separate my personal stash of jewelry from the items I planned to sell, and this would work perfectly with the semi-vintage/rustic style of my room.

Although the printer trays in this shop are beautiful, all I see when I look at them is how can I make one myself. I also alerted my friend and fellow jewelry designer, Amy over at Helen Ethel Studio about this discovery because I knew she would flip over the idea as well. We decided to start hunting for trays, but neither of us were in a big rush. It's good to be patient when looking for something like this, you never know when you will find it. My Stepmom has been searching for certain vintage items for years!

Luckily it only took me a few months to find my printer tray!

A few weekends ago I decided to take another trip up to Shupp's Grove in Adamstown with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Lauren along with her adorable son Luke. Luke made quite the impression amongst the market goers in his little overalls.
We did hit some of the other markets that day, but it was at Shupp's that I found a stash of printer trays for so cheap!! I think the most expensive one was $20,  
I bought mine for $7!!

I came home and immediately took a picture to send to Amy. She then told me that SHE actually found 2 trays the day before! Turns out Amy and I found our printer trays at the same market, under the same little tent, on the same weekend in a town that isn't right up the road for either of us. I find this so amusing. After months of talking about them we found them on the same weekend without even knowing the other was going there!

I got started as soon as I could. All it took was a little bit of stain and some hooks. I had to trim the hooks so they didn't push through to the other side. That made my arms hurt! But well worth it!

I can't wait to see what Amy does with her trays!!

I am giving full credit to the shop owner who ignited this idea. I thought about posting the link to her shop, but I don't want to offend her by pointing out how I made one myself. Which is also why I am not going into detail about how I made my printer tray (email me if you have questions). So go on over to Etsy and search printer trays. Her shop is awesome!
However, I am always working on a budget, and I am a DIY girl. When I see something I like, I don't want to buy it, I want to figure out how I can make it...I blame/thank my father for this. So if you like this idea too, but don't want to take the time to make one yourself, visit Etsy!!


  1. Yay!! Thanks for telling the story. It really is so crazy how and where and when we found ours. :) I love yours and as soon as I finish mine, I'll post it to my blog and link back to yours. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have my very own printer tray organizer hanging on my wall!

  2. I know I just think it is too funny! The universe is connecting us whether we like it or not! :-)