Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy 2012!

Now that the dust has officially settled from my "first" holiday season online, I am able to update everyone on what I have been doing, and more importantly what I have been making.

Anyone who follows this blog or my facebook page knows that I do not try to present myself as a seasoned jewelry designer who knows all of the tricks of the trade. I am learning, trying new things and making mistakes all of the time. I have no problem admitting to my newbie status. We all have to start somewhere. Why not invite everyone to follow along. Maybe you will learn from my mistakes...maybe you will appreciate my designs knowing the road traveled...maybe you will be kind enough to lend some of your own advice...maybe you have been supporting me from the very first pair of earrings and are excited to see where I go with this. So, although you have not heard much from me these past few months, I have been working very hard and learning so much throughout this past holiday season and I am ready to finally share it with you.

Wasn't it just October?!?
This was also my first official holiday season offering my photo necklaces and ornaments in my Etsy shop. I was excited and hopeful, but also a little nervous. Luckily I was able to keep up, and next year I will be much more prepared. I knew going into November and December that I was just to do the best I could but that I was probably going to make some mistakes along the way. I just put my head down, got it all done and took notes along the way. The plan for January is to implement what I have learned and get myself organized. You will see a few changes this month. I will be expanding the options of photo jewelry available to you within these next few weeks. So stay tuned and get your pictures ready!! There will be a contest coming your way where you can win a personalized photo necklace at 1/2 the price!

Take a look at a few of the orders I competed for Christmas, and what some of my wonderful clients had to say about their necklaces. Unfortunately sometimes getting the order to the post office on time took precedence over taking pictures of the final outcome. Note: always make time to take pictures!

Personalized Photo Ornaments!!

I was pleasantly surprised with how many orders I received and how excited people were to give their family and friends something that I had made! I was able to work with some really wonderful people. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Thank you, to everyone who chose to give one of my handmade necklaces as gift this year!

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  1. Awesome post! Congratulations on a successful holiday season! And Happy New Year!